How to sell shoes online and make money?

sell shoes Online and make money online

Is Sell shoes online a great time to start an online shoe business? More than ever before.

The world footwear business is a multi-billion dollar sector with anticipated sales of up to 138 million dollars by 2025. Stable market growth and technological trends in this industry make online shoes a feasible company concept.

You can set up the next e-commerce business with a market definition if you tackle the issue with appropriate knowledge and responsibility.

Best sites to sell online shoes and earn money

If you have ever wished to sell your shoes quickly, you may sell your old shoes online at several sites.


Flip sells all the devices (and work) by linking you with a professional seller, AKA, a “Pro Seller,” that performs all the work for you. Pro Flyer sellers on commission, and they will pay you as each item is sold.

And, since these career vendors produce professional pictures, you know which applications are the most appropriate for every brand and style and know-how to pricing for maximum earnings. In addition, shipping and customer service are handled.

Flip also has a firm protection policy so that your goods are in reliable hands. If an item is not sold within 90 days, you may donate, request it free, decrease costs, or sell the item directly at a discount.


eBay became associated with the Internet selling things. Almost everything and everything, even shoes, may be purchased and sold on eBay. One of the significant advantages of eBay for sale is that you can post your shoes for free.

Utilizing eBay to sell items is one of the most excellent business ideas for women who don’t have much money to spend early on.

The first 100 products listed on this site are free of charge during a month. The fees for the resulting listings are minimal compared with what other markets charge.

You may retain 90% of the selling price when you sell the shoes through eBay. However, it would help if you remembered that additional charges, such as 3% imposed by PayPal, will apply when collecting the money and delivery expenses.


Tradesy concentrates on genuine fashion designers. This premium fashion Website facilitates the online sale of shoes with an estimated 60 seconds or less listing time. Once your product is sold, Tradesy gives you a prepaid, prepaid shipping kit with branded packaging.

person holding 100 US Dollar banknote
Sell Shoes online and earn Online.

One of the better advantages of this service is that even if your goods are returned, you may retain your money. Tradesy handles it all. Tradesy maintains a $7.50 commission for goods sold for less than $50 and an apartment of 19.8% for anything above $50.

You may use your profits on your account to finance your next business in Tradsey or pay a charge of 2.9 per cent to transfer to PayPal, a debit card, or a bank account. Tradesy may keep your money until 21 days after sales have been completed.

Five Miles

5 Miles is a website where individuals in local communities may post things for sale. This website is not just for shoes, but you may post your shoes in five miles.

There is a charge to advertise your shoes at 5 miles, but if you find a buyer, it may be worth it. You will be illegible to connect with local buyers after you post your items.

You will agree with the buyer on a price. After the deal is finished, you won’t have to pay 5 Miles. This platform is accessible on iOS, Android, and PC devices.


Preloved is one of the largest online markets in the United Kingdom to sell used products locally. The website lets you post your shoes for free and requires no commission once your item is sold.

When you sell your shoes to Preloved, you usually meet the buyer personally to handle the item. You may seek cash payment in this manner. You may also receive compensation through PayPal.


Poshmark is worth Sell shoes online on a website. The clothing, shoes, and accessories are among the finest locations to sell. Unlike some of the other businesses on this list, Poshmark is exclusively specialized in fashion.

It is thus a fantastic location to market since it provides a highly focused client base. It’s free to list an item on Poshmark handy enough. And when it also sells, it’s free to transport your goods. Poshmark offers you a prepayment label for your shipment.


StockX is a site selling shoes and clothing. Sellers list or may auction the item for sale. The thing is then sent to Stockx to verify all goods before being handed over to the customer. Each seller pays a handling charge and a seller fee of 3%. The commission of the seller depends on how many sales you have earned. If you have no experience with StockX, they charge 9.5% of the highest commission. If you’ve sold 30 transactions for $10,000, your commission is down to 8.5%.


The Heroine is Grailed’s sister site. However, her products are women’s clothes and accessories. If you have a collection of high-end and particularly women’s shoes or clothes, you may utilize Heroine.

The method of selling is identical to Grailed, including its commission and charge structure. If you have a Grailed account, you can use your Heroine login credentials and vice versa.


Craigslist is the popular website of classifieds which has become a place to go when listing things for online sales.

Sell shoes online helps you discover goods sold or purchased locally, from expensive stuff such as secondhand yachts to ordinary things such as sneakers. This platform is ideal for listing your shoes online.

You may post them on our website free of charge, whether you have a used or new pair of shoes. Although there are many other good sites, such as Craigslist, they are still among the best many years after the beginning.


VarageSale is a virtual garage sales application that enables you to sell old or new shoes in your area.  Currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Sign up to submit pictures and descriptions of your shoes to make the free listing on VarageSale.

There are no costs for selling through VarageSale. As you usually meet the customer to handle the shoes, you may ask for cash payment or any other way you choose.


If you have a few shoes to sell, check out Kixify. Sell shoes online touts itself as the biggest marketplace for sneakers. You may establish a listing for your footwear in minutes on the site. What’s lovely about Kixify is that you don’t have to pay a charge to make a list. It’s completely free to do that. It is amazing! It is great!

Customized website

The most excellent location for online shoes may also be your web platform. It is the best way to develop, build your client base, and earn good profits.


Mercari is a complete software that allows you to do more than sell shoes. From clothing, gadgets, children’s toys, you may sell everything. Mercari does not charge listing charges but has a fixed 10 per cent commission on all goods sold.

To get started, download the app, snap some photos, provide a descriptive description and pricing. Buyers may “favour” or share your goods on social media. Once your shoes are sold, you may select a prepaid shipping label or a ship yourself.

You will have to make sure the box has a tracking number should you decide to manage your shipment. Mercari says that their labels are 30 per cent lower than rates for retail shipping.

Envy Store

May use store Envy to sell your designer shoes. The internet platform is designed for independent designers that want to create their shoes and sell them.

If you’re a shoe designer, use this website to sell your shoes for cash. In particular, Store Envy allows you to build your customized online store for Free.

You may also use the social market to sell your shoes. If you sell your shoes at the customer shop, you maintain 100% of your sales (minus transaction fees).

If you sell your shoes in the StoreEnvy market, you’re going to receive 90% of the sales as Store Envy keeps 10% to help grow its platform.


The deal is a site that seems to mix Craigslist features with eBay elements. You may list your shoes at no cost. You may sell it locally, nationally, or worldwide after the item is posted.

The business offers controlled shipping, so you have the option. Sell shoes online may be easier to sell locally, but sometimes you find a buyer if you expand the buyer’s pool. You may utilize the Deals platform through your iOS and Android applications or their website.


Bonanza is an online shopping mall that shows buyers worldwide. The platform claims the lowest market fees. It’s free to list your shoes on Bonanza. The business will, however, keep:

  • 3.5% commission when your item sells for less than $500.
  • And 3.5 percent + 1.5 percent flat above 500 dollars.

Bonanza offers you the chance to build your customized website to grow your shoe marketing company. You may take payments through PayPal or Stripe as a Bonanza vendor.

The RealReal

Just like Tradesy, The RealReal is a luxury website. It is one of the finest sites to sell clothing, shoes, and a wide variety of other high-end fashion products. There are brands like Chanel and Gucci. There are brands.

If you have a few high-end shoes, try selling them at The RealReal. On The RealReal, your shoes will be listed on the Internet, and when they are sold, you will be compensated.

The business checks each item before it is listed on the Internet. This implies you must first send your goods to The Real Real. Then, your listing will show on the site once your shoes have been verified. Sell shoes online is the best way of earning.

There are no charges to list your perfect shoes. However, the commission on the website is very hefty. The figure ranges from 15% to 45%. That stated, if you list your shoes on it, you’ll get your shoes in front of a focused client group.


The unquestionable leader in the current online markets. Amazon now ranks higher than Nike on the men’s shoe list of the top retailers. The site also provides one of the simplest methods to sell online shoes.


Depop is an online marketplace for secondhand clothes and accessories for both men and women. The website tells the creative community that it provides.

They must be in excellent condition to list your shoes. It is free to list your shoes. However, Depop takes a fee of 10% as soon as the shoes are sold. In certain instances, the business takes an even more significant proportion.

You have to pay all shipping expenses yourself after the transaction. In addition, if the customer wishes to return the shoes, you are liable for the transaction.

Smart Bride Boutique

Intelligent Bride Boutique is a website to sell your bridal cash shoes. If you have Sell shoes online, gowns, or a wedding accessory for sale, try selling using our platform and getting cash.

Intelligent Bride Boutique offers you the chance to list your shoes on its website. You’ll be compensated if someone buys the sneakers. You may start using this website by establishing a basic account.

You don’t pay for it. Thus, listing an item on this site is free. However, to improve the possibilities of selling your stuff quickly, s should create a Premium account. You’re charged about $4.95 a month.

One of the main benefits is that your shoes are listed on the site’s front page! With both a Basic Account or a Premium Account, you are not charged selling fees.


GOAT is a shoe resale site focused on sneakers. Consider selling them on GOAT if you have a pair of Jordans or Yeezys. The application must be completed and approved manually. Your application may take a few days to be accepted.

Search for the SKU number (in the shoe or the shoe), select the price, describe the condition, and upload the pictures to set up a list.

The GOAT charge structure is rather complex. Sellers are graded and must pay a more significant charge if issues arise. A good-standing seller will pay an amount of 9.5% plus a particular seller’s fee.

The seller’s charge varies on your location. In the US, people will have a seller fee of $5, whereas, in other countries, they will pay more.

Once the shoes are sold, a prepaid shipping label is sent to you. You may get a payment through PayPal or direct deposit after the item is validated. For both, there is a 2.9% charge.


Want to sell your local shoes? If that is the case, check out LetGo. Sell shoes online is an application that enables individuals in their local region to purchase and sell things. Unlike some other companies, such as Tradesy and Poshmark, LetGo does not focus solely on fashion products.

It can purchase and sell virtually anything, including shoes, like eBay and OfferUp. If you want to sell your footwear nearby, this is an excellent option. You don’t have to worry about shipping charges since you sell them to individuals around you.

And what’s the most significant part?

100 US dollar banknotes
Sell Shoes Online

LetGo will not charge you anything to list your sneakers. The list is entirely free, and no commission fees are collected. is a website that enables people to purchase and sell designer shoes. You may sell your boots for cash anywhere in the globe by using this website.

May may sell only brand shoes on this website. The regulation is highly stringent regarding this. If your sneaker is sold on our site, a commission will be charged for £5—this is about $7.

Flight Club

Flight Club is a marketplace for the sale and purchase of genuine shoes. You may sell both new and unused shoes on the site.

You need first to submit to have your shoes listed for sale. After that, you will have to send your item to the business to verify it. If everything checks, the business will retain your shoes when sold to the buyer. Sell shoes online is the best way of earning.

After your sneakers, Flight Club sends money to you by bank transfer or PayPal. Please note that they will retain a commission charge of 9.5% plus a $5 selling fee.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is an enterprise that buys and sells clothes and other fashion goods such as shoes. To sell your shoes to the business, take them to a shop counter.

You will need to bring issued a valid ID by the government. On this website, you may locate a shop near you. Buffalo Exchange says before your visit, it’s wise to contact you to make sure your purchase is what you want.


Is another Craigslist this tool that you can use to sell cash shoes? OfferUp is not just excellent for clothing, accessories, and shoes, so you can use this app to sell your house with other items. You may also send goods to customers across the country.

The purchasers pay for a delivery, and OfferUp offers the sellers a prepayment label. Therefore, You additionally pay a commission charge to OfferUp if you want to ship an item—a minimum of $1,99 or 12,9 per cent of the final price.

You may link your Facebook account to OfferUp, and purchasers can send you an app message, allowing fast and straightforward coordination of the transaction. So, You may also check at a buyer’s rating to see whether you want to deal with them or not. OfferUp says that listing an item through the app takes 30 seconds.


Etsy is another well-known and utilized market where ma may sell many things. On this website, you can sell handmade goods, vintage articles, and craft supplies.

Yes, selling handmade products is even a passion for many and lucrative since it is a hobby that earns people money! If you have cash shoes, you may consider utilizing this platform. Sell shoes online is the best way of earning.

Etsy gives you the chance to establish your shop and sell your products. On this platform, you may list your handcrafted shoes. The listing cost amounts to $0.20, and you may renew the listing term for four months.

If your shoes are sold on our website, w will collect 5 per cent of your transaction fees plus a $0.25 transaction processing fee. It would help you if you realized that you are responsible for shipping charges.

All your sales money will go to your bank account. Etsy allows you to sell and pay for your shoes or other items.

Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is a shop buying and selling lightly worn clothes for teenagers and 20 people. While clothes are your primary emphasis, you can also sell your footwear on Closet Plato.

It purchases a large variety of footwear, such as:

  • Shoes for Athletics
  • Boots
  • Flops Flip
  • Pumps
  • Flats
  • Wedges
  • Sandals

Sell shoes online is very easy. Bring your shoes to a shop. Then we will review your goods. Plato’s Closet will make you an offer depending on your shoes’ style, condition, and brand. You are paid cash if you opt to accept the offer.


Zazzle is free and straightforward to join. As a designer, Zazzle handles all your prints and shipments. Custom shoes, T-shirts, children’s clothes, and tote bags are all part of your goods for sale.

To start, set up a Zazzle account, upload your designs, and choose the items you wish to sell. You still need to resize and perfect your technique. You can, however, set your prices.

Zazzle selects the baseline rate for each product, and you set a commission of 5 to 99% to determine the retail price.

ASOS Marketplace

If you have over 15 pairs of antique shoes, this may be your best choice. You may create a shop and sell your old shoes on the Web.

The problematic aspect of this choice is a minimum of 15 items. Sell shoes online sounds like a lot, but you may discover that you have so many pairs that you want to get rid of.


Klekt offers you an online marketplace for genuine shoes. Note that your shoes have to be brand new, unused, or deadly. To set the list for your shoes, you first have to register.

You have to send it (free of charge) to Klekt for authentication once your item has been sold. The authentication process typically takes 1-2 business days, and Klekt releases your money through PayPal.


Storenvy is a renowned apparel brands site. The market provides access to millions of Storenvy shoppers, where consumers may enjoy your goods (or “envy” them). The more you envy your shop, the more you will appear on search results, trend feeds, and category pages.

If you add new items to the market, shoppers who “watch” your business will get alerts. Companies that bring the most significant activity may be listed. The Storenvy marketplace is a fantastic way to sell your beach designs online, particularly for young companies with little follow-up.

There is a free option with Storenvy, but two premium levels also give merchants additional functionality. Storenvy maintains 15 per cent of everything you do on the market.

If you already have a business or an online presence, you can create a customized store that matches your existing brand independent of the marketplace. You may even link your domain name to your customized shop with Storenvy.

Nearly Newlywed

Close to Newlywed is also an online wedding clothing market, including shoes and other accessories. You must first set up your seller’s account to offer your wedding shoes on the almost newlywed platform. You’ll get a prepayment UPS shipping label for the purchaser after your shoes are sold in Nearly Newlywed.

If your purchase is satisfactory, you will be paid by PayPal or cheque. If the item is returned, the business will check its status, and you will receive the item back.

Is it worth selling online shoes?

Whether you want to declutter the wardrobe or get a couple of shoes, you may get additional money. For instance, you might sell genuine Nike Air for $212, while worn marriage shoes can fetch a minimum of $70. The more shoes you sell, of course, the more you will earn. Sell shoes online is the best way of earning.

Tips of Selling Shoes

As you know that, there are many applications, websites, and locations to sell your shoes fast and simply for cash.

But you must do what the professionals do to obtain the maximum money for your couple or pair of shoes – whether they are clothing, snowshoes, designer shoes, tennis shoes, or any other type of shoes.

The identical shoe has to be listed on many platforms. Thay has two advantages: Your shoes will be sold to more prospective customers. You sell them for the maximum money! If you want to sell your shoes quickly and at the most excellent price, follow this advice.

Are you ready for our shoes to be sold?

This article gives you a fantastic introduction, but you’ll need more if you want to purchase and sell shoes. You don’t have to start as a beginner if you’re going to learn from a natural skilled person and understand much more about making this company work for you.

Without a mentor, you are more likely to lose money and waste time as you compete with professionals. If you are willing to learn how to become a sneaker, you will want a mentor to speed it up.

Although you sell your shoes or not, make an extra $5 to $50 daily!

Finally, mentioned earlier in this post, while searching for the best sites to sell your shoes, you will want to make an additional $5 to $50 a day while working from every place and in your own free time. You can only be compensated for expressing your ideas and opinions.

This same site,, is a partner of the business. They are 100 per cent legitimate and have spent millions of dollars throughout the years just for expressing their views and opinions. And there are no right or incorrect responses to this company while expressing your ideas and opinions. You still pay, no matter.

What can you do to resell shoes?

JV is a man who sells shoes six figures a year. He began to flip sneakers as a sideshow while working in retail. After four months, he had been clearing more than $10,000 a month. Sell shoes online is the best way of earning.

He will teach you how to do the same thing in his online courses, clear the big bucks. If you add the NICHEMONEY code, you can get an additional 10 per cent off.

Reselling shoes isn’t a rare phenomenon. A quick look at Amazon and eBay will reveal a pair of sneakers for every brand new team. The process of shoe selling is all too often that people have a profitable full-time job for reselling shoes.

person holding fan of 100 us dollar bill
Make Money Online

However, only a few people built an empire as shoe resellers. Arguably the most successful sneaker reseller is Benjamin Kapelushnik. Also called Benjamin Kickz and the sneaker market Sneaker Don owner, began the business in 2013 at 13 and grew big two years later.

The sneaker is something, and it can be ridiculously profitable for individuals who can do a lot on sneakers like a limited release of a commemorative pair of sneakers like Nike Air Jordan 2 Just Don, Nike SB Dunk, or others. Sell shoes online is the best way of earning.

But if we are more realistic, if you do not know anyone like DJ Khaled, it will probably be impossible for you to make that amount of money in two years. That doesn’t mean you should stay out of the resale game! You can start at about $80-100 per pair if you follow the flipping process.

How to earn money and sell your first e-commerce?

As an online merchant, it is symbolic that your first sale is necessary. It seems simple enough to complete the first transaction, but the excitement and confidence it provides may transform your company into the most significant turning point in its existence.

But don’t let a simple first sale idea trick you. It may sometimes be a lengthy, brutal fight to get that first client.

Start Blogging

If you do not currently operate a blog connected with your business or product, you lack the unlimited potential for content marketing.

You build confidence in your brand and keep people informed by creating accessible and valuable content. Blogging will also offer you social media material and assist you in classifying yourself in search engines.

Sell shoes online and think about all your questions about your goods and business to get started. Use your blog for separate posts to address these questions.

Visitors to the Shopify blog, for example, may want to read about e-commerce and shipping. They have thus produced material that ranks as the “how to sell online” and the “how to dump ships.”

Experiments with Google Ads

Google Ads (previously AdWords) is the viral pay-per-click advertising network of Google, enabling online merchants to put publicity on almost every Google search result page, YouTube video, and partner website.

Who would not want to rank in the top three in a sales search query? It is the result of typing “Samsung TV” into Google. Please note that the first results are sponsored by Samsung advertising.

Google Ads’ appeal rests in its quickness and huge range. In only a few minutes, you can start and start an ad campaign to display your text, picture, or even video advertisements on browsers across the Web. Sell shoes online is the best way of earning.

Using AdWords camp settings, you may build specific advertisements to search for preset keywords, which will be activated and shown next to Google while searching Internet browsers. In addition, wil will also show your advertisements on websites and publications with related keywords.

Send free samples to influencers.

The Internet is filled with prominent bloggers, journalists, business people, and vloggers from a broad spectrum of sectors and niches. You have to find the perfect thing.

Many of them get great feedback on social media and their devoted followers.

Sending a free sample of your products to or in connection with influencers in your business offers you the chance to let them know you value their efforts with a bit of present. Hopefully, one of their sites or platforms will mention you.

This may increase visitors and social networking supporters, but you will also have approval from industry professionals.

Pay Attention to Site Analytics

Your visitor to every website from start to finish enables you to understand why you are Sell shoes online and not. Your website statistics (or analysis) will show you what your clients do on your site.

Including which website you are entering, the time they spend on certain pages, and how they leave your site. Some tools sometimes show additional information, such as how often a customer visits your site.

Nor will it cost you a cent. Google Analytics is a free service that enables you to measure your traffic better than you can imagine.

Here’s a Miracle Berry example. Until early January, when a big spike occurs, you may observe consistent traffic. You glanced at your figures and noticed the rise from StumbleUpon, which may be a strong indication that the social channel is worth continuing either organically or through sponsored advertising.

Offer a Contest or Giveaway

Everyone loves free things, and if you want to build trust while starting your sales effort, a contest or a gift can help you do that.

In addition to competitions and donations, they are also a fantastic method to demonstrate to prospective consumers that you can trust, that your brand represents enterprise.

You don’t need to start large; it is essential to remember. Tease Tea held a simple competition on their Facebook page.

Document your Reddit Launch

Reddit is a socially driven website for news and entertainment where users contribute material. More significantly, Reddit is a platform to draw many devoted followers and consumers.

You may present your brand with r/entrepreneur sub-editing in particular, get comments from customers and acquire skills while marketing your goods.

However, the process must be one of giving and taking. Travel through these corporate redactors, take them behind the scenes, tell them about your mistakes, and expose some personality to gain customers and fans.

An excellent example of how Reddit promotes an internet shop is what the Beardbrand guys accomplished. The beard-care specialists have documented their launch on the r/contractor sub-contractor, received valuable advice from subscribers and customers, and provided regular updates and inside data.


You need to understand the market better before you can even start finding shoes for buying and reselling. The shoes sold are similar to the stock market. There are pairs of shoes which are not too hot, but which eventually gain value later. Conversely, some sneakers only take great care to fizzle out as time passes.

To truly benefit from learning to resell sneakers, you have to buy products sold cheaply but have long-term value. You should purchase the sneaker on release day at retail prices, which is where they are most affordable. However, you can quickly place your orders on Frenzy, the Shopify-owned app, instead of storing hours to buy them.

Sell shoes online will notify you of releases from the most influential brands of the latest sneakers. You can place your orders (ideally in bulk) from there and make a profit by reselling. The application aims to reduce the friction between retailers and consumers to transact seamlessly and earn money faster.

But new pairs of shoes come far and wide. To make money for reselling shoes, you need to find teams sold at a reseller price so that you can benefit.


It is essential to prepare a business plan, avoid common traps and trust your business to succeed. For our part, we are ready to offer you excellent opportunities to create sites. Logic is an eCommerce development company that helps companies to grow in relevant and robust technology solutions.

We hope that our tips for creating an online shoe shop will help. Launch your company and make a profit, and we will help you always produce the best web project.

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