How your business can benefit from Facebook Ads

You’ve been working hard to get your business in front of as many potential target customers as possible – the ones who will find your products irresistible and willing to spend money on them. You did it with SEO, social media, press releases, article marketing, and maybe even a Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign. In short, you’ve used all of the traditional (and not-so-traditional) methods for making an online business go viral. Now you can grow your business with Facebook ads

Benefits of Facebook ads for Business

How your business can benefit from Facebook Ads

But have you thought about Facebook advertising? If not, you may be unaware of this relatively new source of targeted customers – the kind you might not be able to reach through traditional channels.

What is Facebook advertising, and why should you be interested in it?

Most likely, you’ve seen them: the ads that run down the right-hand side of your Facebook pages, the majority of which are about topics you’re interested in.

You are not seeing the same advertisements as everyone else on Facebook at that time. These are tailored to information gleaned from your preferences and other sources by Facebook.

Facebook ads are straightforward but effective. Each one has a title, a text block, and a graphic or photo of your choice, all contained within a 110px X 80px “box” to fit into the vertical, right-hand Facebook sidebar.

Imagine a cross between a Twitter tweet and a banner ad, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what they’re like.

And, yes, they can definitely promote you’re:

• Product

• Services

• Contest

• Cause

• Links

• Photos

• Videos

• USP Business

• Event of business

In addition to integration:

• Your online-offline promotions

• Real-time “fans” information

Advertisement benefits for Facebook

The most significant benefit for Facebook is SEO vs. Social Trends. This is the hottest trend in this brand new decade, through social and trendiness networking rather than simply SEO. It allows readers to view their ads on their mobile phones – and now there are 4 to 1 more mobile devices!

It’s also less expensive than Google AdWords, which is still an excellent way of launching a campaign. For newer marketers, AdWords may be risky because click-based pricing can rise faster than sales.

Will it completely substitute AdWords? Your goal ought not to be this! Plan ahead to do what the big girls and boys are doing. Start each campaign with the advanced AdWords you have researched.

Facebook vs. AdWords Costs – But whether you are using AdWords or Facebook ads, Facebook ads are now a must – primarily when the not-so-subtle transformation to mobile devices occurs. Facebook ads, for instance, are now a must! However, it’s a lot cheaper for start-up marketers to advertise on Facebook nowadays than on PPC!

The capability of graphics: Another great advantage is you can insert a graphic element or picture into what is essentially a small text ad! Since Facebook is “tuned” on graphical elements and the most significant interest is shown in graphics, it gains a hand down overtired, angry AdWords ads (traditionally low converters for over a decade).

— Use AdWords. Plan the use of the graph? –Use Facebook ads.) (It’s like this. You could simplify.

Facebook ads not only enable you to tell a 25-character headline but 135 words of body text as well. Text capability – you can say in Google AdWords 75 words. (This is less than a half tweet!). (This is about double the capability of Google AdWords – but note; spaces count.)

Apply still SEO?

You betcha! You betcha! Indeed, the success of your Facebook ad is absolutely crucial!

Remember when we discussed Facebook ads designed for your hobbies, tastes, preferences, and interests on your Facebook page on the right side? You’re going to notice it:

• Some of you are not very attractive

• You click on a small percentage immediately

•… and yet a third group is appealing to you. Still, it may take you several days of repeated exposure before you finally give up and click.

You want your ad in the second 2 categories. And that’s what you achieve through strong, well-inquired keywords (combined with your irresistible, curiosity-arousing 25 character headline and 135 character body text).

Have those elements right, and you have an ad that bypasses casual searchers (as many paid Google search ads on Google’s right-hand side than Facebook ads, are you ever clicking on?) and zeros on a 75% pre-sold, pre-qualified market.

For whom? For whom?

Some will tell you that Facebook ads don’t work for business, but they just don’t. It should talk volumes and give you an ample, fat indication of its potential if you realize that significant companies are creatively using Facebook ads.

For instance, the Marketing Solutions page of Facebook is…

• Honda used Facebook Ads to keep consumers up-to-date (and control severe damage) after its shocking recent reminiscences.

• Budweiser promoted interactive social communication with clients by inviting them to choose which advertisements to be on TV sports games.

The first online video game to reach 1,000,000 fans on Facebook was Guitar Hero.

Coca-Cola even sprang into the bandwagon and sold “virtual bottles of coke” to give $1.00 for every virtual bottle dispatched to their favorite.

These 4 examples alone show you how creative your Facebook advertising campaign can be (and the flexibility you can take advantage of).


It is a social phenomenon you can use to your advantage if you wonder what a “consumer” is.

According to Forrester Research, the ‘fan Sumer’ is simply a consumer who “has become a fan” of a brand on Facebook.

This gives us the third biggest advantage of Facebook Ads… interactivity.

This is a proven maxim. Having people engaged as participants and not spectators becomes a personal and more positive part of what they do. Use the app or a product and click on the small text link “fan” on your Facebook page to add to its statistical popularity and support it personally!

In particular, this may help 2 specific types of “products.”

1. Apps (apps like “Farmville” game from Zynga)

2. Brands

It should be a substantial part of your branding campaign that people become fans of Facebook… and for the meteoric rise of Farmville, it is legendary. You just have to have a look at your USA. Alexa is at the 370th grade to see how mighty this is.

“Farm visits females of the age of 18 to 24 more often, is taught college, and visits this site from home.” Alexa summarizes the popular app game.

This is consistent with the broad demographic on Facebook, “18-34 female.” Still, take a look into the Farmville statistics from You can undoubtedly reach other target customers in different demographics.

Bear in mind that your own demographics (unless you create a fascinating product, such as Farmville) are less broad and more specific; you can certainly play on small Facebook niche markets.

It is a good rule to make sure that your niche client actually works with the same amount – if only using a standard PC and using Google searches – via social networking.

Facebook ads can also target specific geographical areas (by country, state or province, town or city).

And remember that when somebody brands him as your fan, they let you know that they’re ready for your offerings.

Why are your friend’s profile pages!

Despite the broad, generic demographic that can be attributed to profile pages, the main reason you can focus so specifically on Facebook itself.

Think about it: you have been prompted to share your: when you filled out your profile page:

• Hockey and love;

• Informative career and work

• University, school or college

• Music, books and film tastes

• Information about personnel and contacts (date of birth, marital status, etc.)

• Town and country

And you chose to share as much more information as you did.

You can bet people can find critical long-dressed keywords among the things you share! This you need to use when creating your Facebook ads – precisely designed, of course, for your ideal customer. Use in the headline at least your keyword – and in the text again (always provided you feel perfectly natural: recall that “social” is put before “SEO” on Facebook).

The machinery

There are other measures you can take besides the creative side of your Facebook ads. You may be able to:

• Pay by PPC… or by printing (CPM)

• Track the “real-time” advancement of your ad

• Edit your ads and change them to best results

Best of all, Facebook ads are easy to set up and are gradually guided through the creation and all your options.

In online advertising – particularly for those on the financial budget – Facebook is silently becoming the newest trend in 2010. Even if you don’t think your business is correct, you’re welcome to take the time to find out more!

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