What are the Free SEO tools?

What are the Free SEO tools?

SEO tools may assist you in finding methods of improving your site’s discovery. SEO may seem intimidating to beginners, yet many free SEO tools are as effective as expensive versions. In the articles, we will learn about what are the free SEO tools.

Free SEO Tools

Following are some free SEO tools:

Keyword Explorer

Use the most extensive search term database to find and prioritize the best keywords for your site.

Free Domain Analysis

Enter any website and view SEO data instantly, such as top pages, keyword ranking, competitive analysis, and more.

Bing Webmaster Tools

While the grandeur of Google Webmaster Tools is great, many forget that Bing Webmaster provides a complete website and search analyses package. Keyword reports, keyword research, and crawling data are beneficial.

Data Studio

If you need to combine, data from many sources (see Search Console and Google Analytics), see and share them – that’s the comfort area in Google Data Studio. See this Google Data Studio Resources in Lee Hurst for an idea of all SEO activities and dashboards that you may create for free.

Search Console

Probably the most practical free SEO tool for this whole list, without access to the data on the Google Search Console, it isn’t easy to conceive contemporary SEO. This is the most secure method to understand how Google analyses and classifies your website and is one of the few places with precise keyword data.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Limitations: You will have to conduct an ad campaign to observe accurate search volumes. Enter a phrase or keyword group, and Google Keyword Planner returns all kinds of valuable tools to guide your keyword strategy: a monthly search volume, competition, and even recommended ideas that you may not have thought about.

SEO and Web Analysis Tool of Woorank

  • Receive in seconds a list of SEO improvements.
  • This is a handy plugin for Chrome.
  • First, you get an overall SEO score.
  • The program then shows you how to improve SEO on and off your website exactly.

Best SEO Tools

Following tools are free:

Penguin Tool

The Penguin Tool links up to your search traffic with the search algorithm known updates. If you notice a drop aligned with an update, you probably have identified the cause and may work to remedy it!

Beam Us Up

This tool allows you to discover how your website is not in line with SEO best practices to take remedial steps. You may filter information by error and export it to Excel, CSV, and Google Drive.

Quick Click Website Audit

The Quick Click website audit is a bookmark let that connects to several of the most popular online SEO tools today.

Screaming Frog

Crawl your SEO mistakes website. Discover HTTP header errors, JavaScript glitch rendering, HTML in excess, crawling problems, duplicate content…

Robots.txt Generator

Instantly create the proper robots.txt file so that search engines can crawl your website. Advanced users may also use the Robots.txt Generator to modify their files.

Google Trends

Google Trends demonstrates a topic’s popularity over time. Use it to capture and profit on-trend subjects and prevent content creation for people with decreasing interest.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free Chrome extension showing projected worldwide and monthly search numbers for Google queries. It may also find similar keywords and associated phrases in the sidebar.

This allows you to explore keywords and to do competition analysis without leaving the SERPs.


SERPSim displays how your website looks in Google’s search results. You have to provide your title, meta description, and URL.SERPSim can also inform you if you have an excessive title and description. You should address these problems so that the search results are not truncated.

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

The Schema Markup Generator of Merkle generates structured JSON-LD data markup. Choose the Schema Markup type you wish to create, fill in the form and copy and paste the resulting bookmark on your website. The correctness of any Schema markup may then be verified using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.


Hunter.io discovers a website-related email address. Up to 50 inquiries per month are free. You may also use the tool to locate a particular person’s email address. Just input the domain and the name of the individual. Install the Chrome extension to access quickly or use the add-on to Google Sheets.


GTMetrix evaluates your web page loading speed. In addition to the performance score, it also provides practical suggestions for quicker loading.


HeadmasterSEO is an essential mass-checking tool for a set of URLs in the status codes. You may check up to 500 in the free version. To test HTTPstatus.io, if you want a web-based application – you want to check for 100 URLs.

Mobile SERP Test

The separator tool of Mobile Moxie enables you to verify your mobile ranks at any place, at any address, city, state, or zip code. You may even compare devices since some SEOs think Google has distinct iOS and Android results.


Algoroo is a tool to monitor Google algorithms. It lets you check if there are variations in Google SERPs that may indicate a change to the Google algorithm.

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