What strategies you can use to boost sales by 40%?

What strategies you can use to boost sales

Every website has a different bounce rate. On the other hand, the optimum bounce rate is less than 50%, ideally between 30%, and 40%, or even lower than that. Typically, the bounce rate track on the homepage, and you maintain any necessary landing pages in place. Reducing the bounce rate is an essential element of the overall conversion optimization process. This article will learn about what strategies you can use to boost sales by 40%.

I’ve established a monthly baseline for my bounce rate for the last two years to boost sales and get things started by tracking it. Accordingly, I intended to accomplish modest gains, such as 2-3 percent each change, due to each modification. I stayed focused on my objective of minimizing the risk associated with any adjustments.

Increase the amount of time that existing markets are penetrated

More than 60% of those who answered the survey focused on what they are now offering in their current market. The crew understands how to carry out their responsibilities. Continue to knit and increase your market share in whatever you are doing well right now. Your company has a positive reputation; make use of this critical feature of your organization to close sales as quickly as possible.

New Products Line Extensions

The second most frequent method in sales was the expansion of the product line into a new additional product that existing customers would want to provide today. For example, my company, Marlin Steel, supplied wire baskets alone for many years, but we frequently asked to produce metal sheets, but we did not have the equipment or experience. In 2010, we grew and bought the most excellent sheet metal equipment in the business, enjoying our best clientele. We became more essential and issued instructions. It made Marlin a significant recession non-event.

New Client Segments

More than 40% felt that the focus on new client segments would foster strong development. Observe and identify extra activities purchased for others by your client. For example, Marlin Steel has been focusing for years on material handling baskets that complement each other in a production environment and have neglected the ultrasonic cleaning market in either research and development labs or final cleaning stations.

 boost sales

We’ve taken additional customers to operate under the same roof as we grow our client groupings. These prospects already have the confidence of our clients.

Exporters are looking for new customers.

The majority of the world’s population (95 percent) lives outside of the nation. The majority of businesses in the United States do not export. This monitoring loses out on significant international possibilities that may help your business grow. Throughout the world, the “American” brand is well-established. Before you even begin the future conversation, you are lucky that your US quality has already been recognized. More than 30% of NAM respondents use this approach to boost sales, according to the survey results strategically.

New avenues of dissemination

Sales will grow as a result of the proactive development of new distribution channels. Marlin Steel has been selling to large pharmaceutical and industrial companies for many years. Sales to catalog houses have increased significantly during the past decade. However, although we offer this channel to many customers (such as major companies), catalog houses are designed to sell particular batch amounts, making no sense for our business. This new channel has dramatically increased our revenue while also increasing our current customers’ incorrect purchases. Finding new media can help strengthen your brand while also making your business less susceptible to the ups and downs of your existing channels.

New services

Boost sales by new services to your consumers to fall in love with you so that you are “sticky” and hard to leave. Make sure the services are profitable. They will improve the connections of the partnership. Marlin Steel offered aggressive and creative “consignment” efforts to our creditworthy large clients. This enabled our clients to purchase more since they did not wait on big stock stacks but could react fast and send large, unexpected orders as they had our products on their floor.

In addition, the new clients ordered such large quantities that they could benefit from better freight as they purchased in lorry numbers (not little packages). When you look at the effect of the withdrawn cash flow, you will see a rise in sales and a strengthening of the relationship. What new, unique services can you provide that will build the tomb around your company for a few kilometers?

Aggressive control of prices and losses

When you go to the supermarket, the cost of the milk or orange juice in the store is frequently reduced or cheaper. Once at the store, you look around and say, “I need it,” or “I need it.” These two other products offer juicy margins to offset the “loss” on milk. What products can you provide to your customers? This is my favorite list since you should only sell for quality and supply – not price. There is usually a sap that errs and charges him too little in the impoverished household.

Product optimization

You want to ensure that your items appear at the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). You want to continue working until you are at the top of the SERPs that you optimize for. Do things at the level of the catalog. We have optimized and exposed Google to our entire product catalog on our desktop and mobile devices. Let’s guarantee the organization of our information so that Google may happily consume it. We also made sure we had clear URLs.


It is tenting to follow the newest fad in eCommerce and ignore the fundamentals. Indeed, keeping abreast of trends is part of the work of a comm manager. But the basics, such as bounce rate, are also part of our work.