The WIX SEO Wiz, Accessibility, and the New WIX Blog help you reach the most significant potential audience while optimizing your search engine content.


WIX SEO Wiz is a step-by-step strategy that helps you enhance the SEO of your site. It helps you build the fundamentals and shows you how to increase your internet presence by highlighting weak areas while offering valuable suggestions for development.

Is WIX Good for SEO?

WIX’s appeal – and why it is so popular with small company owners – is that setting up a site is absurdly simple. Register, click a few buttons on a wizard, choose a theme, and in an hour or so, you may run. But WIX is considerably less attractive to SEO experts because of its natural simplicity.


While the SEO fundamentals (titles, meta tags, etc.) are changeable, the platform is relatively inflexible (including the front-end code it produces). This makes it more challenging to optimize and experiment. Speed is a specific issue. And you will find it more difficult to disregard when Core Web Vitals comes into action this year. However, we should note that WIX’s performance problems are caused mainly by Bloat code and The loading of scripts and styles blankets (even unused) throughout the site.

Requirements of WIX services

Thin content: Google aims to utilize the finest available material to offer its consumers. If your fabric is no better than the top 10 results, it is unlikely that you will achieve the results on the first search page.

Picture-based content: Search engines are not ready for pictures yet. Google will not be able to understand and index such information without adding text to your photos. This is more frequent than you would have thought.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of WIX for SEO

Please do not search for fans and WIX haters, but many of the critiques originate from the people who used the platform in the previous years when it was probably much less search engine friendly than now.

Step back a few years and fundamental SEO problems with the platform a site would fight to classify. And WIX still bears this historical reputation in certain areas.

Pros of WIX

  • The advantages of WIX are mostly related to the fact that the platform enables small companies to create their website and start-up their online presence fast.
  • There Is No Coding Needed
  • You don’t have to know any coding to optimize your WIX website.
  • This is in keeping with the drag and drop editor of the platform, and the aim is to make it straightforward to create a website.
  • Any SEO you can perform through WIX can be done without the builder Code required.

The study

To start things off, you divide the dataset into two organic traffic buckets:

  • 1: some organic traffic sites
  • 2: 100+ monthly organic sites for organic visitors

Here is what we discovered:

1.      SEO APIs for Developers

Get additional Velo API customization choices. Open the default SEO settings on your website and modify the client-side code functionality. Create routines for setting link tags, meta tags, structured data, and more for your sites. Pull data from built-in databases to manage and update your content smoothly.

2.      Keywords in the WIX SEO Wiz

Can I add more than 3 SEO Wiz keywords?

You may add up to 3 SEO Wiz keywords since it is simpler to concentrate on a limited number of keywords initially optimize your site.

However, the WIX SEO Wiz utilizes just these keywords to build a website strategy. You can thus make the same suggestions for every other term that you need to include in your text.

For example, you may add to your homepage’s text as many keywords as you need as long as it is an organic element of the content.

3.      Can I add additional languages to keywords?

Yes. You may follow the same strategy as the WIX SEO.

WIX offers you all the tools to improve your SEO site content. The WIX SEO Wiz, Accessibility, and the New WIX Blog help you reach the most significant potential audience while optimizing your search engine content.

4. Google your industry for keyword ideas

After you’ve exhausted your head for possible phrases, let Google inspire you so that you haven’t missed essential keywords. Besides discovering keywords that you may not have imagined or overlooked, it is also an excellent chance to see how people look for rivals in your business. While many of us use Google to search for something and click on one of the links given, there is more to it when you use it for keyword research.

Here are some methods to utilize Google to research keywords:

Auto-complete search: if you start typing into the Google search box, you’ll try to anticipate what you’ll discover with the auto-complete search. It’s an excellent thing to check the results in keywords relating to your industry to get a feel of how people search for subjects like yours.

People are also wondering: Google searches may also provide a section on individuals who ask queries similar to the original keyword. This may assist you in entering into the thinking of individuals searching for your company or sector.

Related searches: Google will also offer a search area that shows you precisely that. Look at the phrasing to determine whether your term may be better phrased.